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Two project partners prepared a Joint Strategy for Preventing and Mitigating the Consequences of Natural and Man-made Disasters . For the Strategy document please click STRATEGY


The process of establishment of early warning system of floods in Uzunkopru is continues under the project PREVENT / CB005.1.11.165 funded under Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey programme, and implemented under the coordination of the National Authority of the programme - Ministry of European Affairs in Turkey.

The software of the early warning system of floods will be integrated with the warning systems used by the Ministry of Forests and Water in Turkey and with the system of General Directorate of the national water resources. This software will transmit information to the flood control center that will be established in the municipality’s building of Uzunkopru Municipality.

The flood warning system will provide information on the river level in a matter of seconds and the flood warning will be announced 36-48 hours before the flood.

The installation of 4 water level monitoring stations and one meteorological monitoring station that are part of this system was approved by the municipal authorities on 19.12.2017.

These modern radar measuring stations in every 15 minutes will provide information on the water flow and rain falls to the observation center that will be built in the municipality.

The places where the monitoring stations were installed were determined with the support of the experts from General directorate of hydraulic works in Edirne.


The flood warning system is planned to be installed by the end of March 2018 within the framework of the PREVENT project, implemented by the municipality of Uzunkopru in partnership with the municipality of Dimitrovgrad.

All these activities are realizing in the scope of 15th monthly Prevent project, co-funded by the European union through Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey programme.

The total value of the grant is 581 483,41 Eur and the expected fund for Uzunkopru municipality is 316,515.68 Euro.

Realized opening ceremony in Uzunkopru under the European Union Funded Project "PREVENT";

The project PREVENT/ CB005.1.11.165 which is implementing under the European Union Funded Interreg-IPA Bulgaria - Turkey Cross-Border Cooperation Program coordinated in Turkey by its National Authority – Ministry of European Union Affairs is in its final stage of

In this context, on May 31 was realized the official opening ceremony of the installed system for Early Warning System of Flood situations, which was established on the Ergene River and Kırkavak river by Uzunköprü Municipality.

The opening ceremony of the flood early warning system, which is of great importance for the Uzunkopru Municipality, was attended by the Mayor of the municipality Av. Enis ISBILEN,Vice-President of Dimitrivgrad Municipality and representatives of other relevant institutions
and project team members. In addition, the Ministry of the EU Affairs and program expertwas attended to the opening.

In his opening speech, Mayor Av. Enis İŞBİLEN explained the importance of the flood warning system for the Uzunkopru, which automatically measures several times per minute at 4 different water level measuring stations located on the river and sends information to the monitoring center established in the municipality and warns the authorities 48 hours before the event.

In his opening speech, Yaşo Minkov - Deputy Mayor of the Bulgarian Partner Dimitrovgrad Municipality who participated in the opening meeting, presented information on the Forest Fires Automatic Surveillance Tower that is already established on the Bulgarian side.
In addition to the automation warning systems that were established in both countries, it was announced that an online common platform was established to enable the related Bulgarian and Turkish institutions to act more quickly and coordinately in a joint network.

The meeting ended with the wishes of continuing friendship and partnership work among the partners.

Contract title: Supply of equipment and Construction works at Automatic Observatory Tower \AOT\ for detection of forest fires within Project No CB005.1.165: Prevention and minimization of Risks for the Environment and Vision for iNnovative Tools /PREVENT/; Priority Axis: Environment; Specific Objective 1.1 Preventing and mitigating the consequences of natural and man-made disasters in the cross-border area; Type of project: Investment, financed by the European Union, in accordance with the rules of Interreg – IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey Programme

Publication reference: BG-TR/165-SUPPLY-01

Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, Republic of Bulgaria,  announced a Contract Award Notice after realizing a Local Open Tender with subject” Supply of equipment and Construction works at Automatic Observatory Tower \AOT\ for detection of forest fires” in Municipality of Dimitrovgrad with financial assistance from the Interreg – IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey Programme.

 The Contract Award Notice will be also published on the Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross – Border Programme official website: and on the project’s website:

Annex : Contract Award Notice


The mayor Ivo Dimov made a fist sod in relation to the construction works of a fire alarm tower. This is possible over the last years after the mayor and his team have worked hard on the implementation of a joint project with Uzunkupru, Turkey. The total cost of the project "Prevention and Minimization of The Risks for the Environment and Vision for Innovative Tools" under the INTERREG-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey 2014-2020 Programme amounts to 581 483 41 euro. The allocated funds are 100% free financial support. The implementation period is 15 months , and Lead Partner is Dimitrovgrad Municipality.

The project aims to prevent natural and man-made disasters. On the territory of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad will be built a fully automated system for early warning of forest fires with a range of 15 km.

On the other hand, a flood prevention system will be built in Uzunkupru, commented the Mayor Ivo Dimov. This was done in the presence of the Turkish Deputy Mayor Egin Bulut, the Director of the Regional Police for Combating Disasters and Damage in Haskovo - Commissioner Nikolay Valchev, the Chief of the Dimitrovgrad Fire Department - Inspector Ivan Pachov and representatives of the Contractor. The symbolic first sod was also attended by the chairman of Dimitrovgrad Municipal Council - Gergana Krasteva. Among the participants in the event were the district governor of Haskovo - Stanislav Dechev and the Deputy Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality - Svetoslav Stoykov.

"For the wisdom of the ruling should be judged by their decisions!", the governor was categorical. He expressed his satisfaction with the managerial foresight of the mayors of Dimitrovgrad and Uzunkupru. "To confront the natural elements that are the most serious problem in our two regions is more than foresight. It is responsibility and wisdom," said Stanislav Dechev, District Governor.

First Press-Conference in Uzunkopru was realized in the frame of project PREVENT / CB005.1.11.165 funded under Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey programme, and implemented under the coordination of the National Authority of the programme - Ministry of European Affairs in Turkey.

The Mayor of Uzunkopru Mr. Enis ISBILEN in its opening speech underlined the importance of the project and provided information for the Flood Early Warning System that will be installed on Ergene River and Kirkkavak Creek.

On the event the Vice Mayor of Munıcıpalıty of Dimitrovgrad Mr. Yasho MINKOV, represented the Bulgarian Lead project partner and in his opening speech presented information about the ımportance of the Control Centre and Automatic Observatory Tower (AOT) for detection of forests’ fires that wıll be installed in Dimitrovgrad.

The representatives of local media and member of the municipality took place on the event and received detailed information for the project activities and expected results.

In addition, a supply contract signing ceremony was held on whıch was sıgned a contract between Uzunköprü Municipality and the Contractor, whıch was selected for ınstallatıon of the early warning system ın Uzunkopru, after realızatıon of tender procedure accordıng the PRAG rules.

The installation of the system is planned to be completed in March 2018.

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